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Big ol' word for weightloss site

as a disclaimer: I am not currently trying to lose weight. I'm currently trying to gain, which sucks, because I lost another 6 pounds since last Dr. visit. We'll blame that on the cold, though.

I came across this (fatsecret.com) and figured it may be helpful to others in the community.

Maybe not. I don't know. Check it out. If it's not helpful or entertaining or informative, comment about it, as I have no idea what would be constructive. I'm heading the opposite direction of most of the community members. It seems all Web 2.0 so I imagine it's good by default. Again. Not claiming the validity of the content quality.

From their website:
what is fatsecret?
fatsecret is a new place for people interested in diets to come and find out what works. With journals, tips, recipes and plenty of advice from the community, fatsecret is your one-stop-shop for all things diet – the secret is out!

I know it says one-stop-shop, but I haven't found them selling anything, and they say that they're not affiliated with any diet company (when reading the words diet company, please pause and think about how gross that sounds).

Seems on the up-and-up.
That link again is Mr. Plow. Hope it helps. :)
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