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Winnipeg Weight and Wellness Management's Journal
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Saturday, September 20th, 2008
11:47 am
Boot Camp
Hi gang:

Who here has taken boot camp classes? I've started teaching them and would like to know your experiences.

What did you like and dislike about them?

Were they effective?

What activities were you doing?

Thanks in advance!
Friday, September 19th, 2008
10:38 pm
Not sure if this has ever been posted before but I thought it would come in handy. It gives a nutritional breakdown of pretty much anything you could imagine. Also gives you a fullness factor, caloric ratio etc etc.
Very interesting check it out
9:41 pm
Dusted off the eliptical...
Well...it's time to get on some sort of personal band wagon. Tonight I stopped staring at the eliptical, that I seriously had to dust off, and actually used it. Not as long as I'd have liked but it's a start.

I'm glad to have added this community as it looks like a lot of people I know post in here. It will give me some definite encouragement as I'm at the heaviest I've ever been at.

9:01 pm
its been a long time since ive posted in here.

whats everyone doing these days?? any new diets anyones been trying and liking?
im trying to get myself back into this mind set once again.....what a battle.
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
7:59 pm
does anyone have any good info on "calorie cycling"?
Sunday, September 16th, 2007
3:26 pm
Jurbo Jam


Has anyone ever tried Turbo Jam?  I was thinking of buying it but don't really want to waste all that money if it doesn't work.

Any advise would be awesome.

2:04 pm
has anyone here done the SOUTH BEACH diet before?
or have any thoughts, opinions, etc on it?
OR does anyone know a site with good info. on it?
i really dont want to have to buy the book. haha.

im curious to know more about it. just tooooo lazy today to go searching for the info. haha.
Thursday, September 6th, 2007
12:56 am
Its been two weeks, and I am in control of my late night snacking, i havnt eaten anything after dinner for 2 whole weeks. Next will be limiting my intake during the day.
Friday, July 20th, 2007
9:53 am
well you guys...i have been WAY off track.
but sunday, is my new diet date.
only because friday/saturday i have off and want to eat a bunch of my fave bad foods. haha.

hows everyone else doing?
i havent seen anyone post in here for forever!

Sunday, May 20th, 2007
12:25 am
hey all

hows everyone doing? feel ready for tank tops and short shorts yet? I was just wondering if anyone else here is doing the 30 day hot yoga challenge at Moksha Yoga on Donald? I am! it starts on friday and I'm so excited. I've done yoga before but not hot yoga. I may be crazy for starting with this intense challenge, but I like to dive right into things.

Anyway hope everyone is doing well with their goals!
Monday, April 30th, 2007
10:03 pm
Big ol' word for weightloss site
as a disclaimer: I am not currently trying to lose weight. I'm currently trying to gain, which sucks, because I lost another 6 pounds since last Dr. visit. We'll blame that on the cold, though.

I came across this (fatsecret.com) and figured it may be helpful to others in the community.

Maybe not. I don't know. Check it out. If it's not helpful or entertaining or informative, comment about it, as I have no idea what would be constructive. I'm heading the opposite direction of most of the community members. It seems all Web 2.0 so I imagine it's good by default. Again. Not claiming the validity of the content quality.

From their website:
what is fatsecret?
fatsecret is a new place for people interested in diets to come and find out what works. With journals, tips, recipes and plenty of advice from the community, fatsecret is your one-stop-shop for all things diet – the secret is out!

I know it says one-stop-shop, but I haven't found them selling anything, and they say that they're not affiliated with any diet company (when reading the words diet company, please pause and think about how gross that sounds).

Seems on the up-and-up.
That link again is Mr. Plow. Hope it helps. :)
Registration and access to content is all FREE.
Tuesday, March 6th, 2007
3:54 pm
I was wrong!!!
Apparently I've been called back for the FIRST ROUND of eliminations.
...I was thinking that was really quick of them!, lol
So hold off everyone, I'm not a movie star just yet.
This Friday I have to go down to Corydon with 3 - 5 of my 'support people'... who have yet to be enlisted, I might add... and we get interviewed and poked and prodded some more.
Apparently this is just the first round of 4 or 5 rounds of eliminations, so hold off on the champagne and caviar...
Bummer, huh? But hey!
I'm in the finals!

Monday, March 5th, 2007
9:05 pm
Yes, I'm this clueless about excersize...
Anything wrong with eating before a teeny workout?
Anything wrong with not eating?
Eat then wait briefly?

Pls help.
7:17 pm
I got the call today, everyone.
I got the call.

About the Show

X-Weighted is a series of documentaries about ordinary people each fighting their individual war on fat. Carrying between 40 to 150 extra pounds each, they run, climb, pump, bike and dance their way to healthier weights, during periods of four to six months.

X-Weighted records all the plans and pitfalls, gripes and grit that go hand-in-hand with achieving this often-exasperating goal. The emphasis is on the underlying causes and on-going triggers for excess weight as these frank but feisty people grapple with their personal flaws, emotional baggage and suppressed conflicts.

Each episode follows one person's story from fatness to fitness, with the exception of one episode featuring two friends who team up.

X-Weighted includes guidance served up by experts in fitness, nutrition and life management. Fitness Expert Paul Plakas advises on exercise and nutrition to all the participants. And self-esteem expert Fred Connors provides self-confidence support and image tips.
Tuesday, February 27th, 2007
11:04 am
Has anyone heard of Outrageous Mastery before?
I'm trying to find someone who's got this series and wouldn't mind cutting me a copy. Anyone know??
Sunday, February 25th, 2007
3:04 pm
That was pretty cool......
I went down and tried out for that casting call posted here: X-Weighted
It was one of the cooler things I've done. What was interesting was that while I was having my interview, I was paying attention with half an ear to the other interviews going on around me, and my interviewer said something to me that no one else in with me at the time was told.
She told me not to start any new weight loss regimes or to start working out really hard until I hear from them.
Now, that doesn't necessarily mean anything overly important, but it might - you know what I mean?
And seriously - wouldn't it be cool if one of our own community got on the show??
Go us!
Did anyone else here try for it? How did your interview go??
Gimme the deets.
Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
9:18 pm
Hello Friends
Well its been a while since Ive updated here. Our bustleing community has become rather quiet. I understand that in these end of winter days its difficult to stay positive about our routines. I know my own experience has been 1 step forward 2 steps back as of late. Im staying positive about my body shaping efforts however, and have re-cemented my efforts to lose unwanted miigis's :P.

The spring is almost here. Good healthy choices for food and beautiful weather to enjoy our healthy lifestyles. In the meantime Tony Little will be my own personal trainer helping me take the necessary steps toward my better body goal.

Do any of you use workout videos? If so what are some of your favorites. Ive personally had success with Tony Littles body shaping workout as well as Tai Bo with mr blanks.

Also I have to say that Nintendos Wii is a godsend to a healthier gaming experience. 30 mins of wii boxing as Ive found is a GREAT way to have fun and to strength train.

Stay positive friends. Let us all know how your doing.
Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
5:13 pm
Life Network's X-Weighted is holding a casting call this weekend.

1330 Pembina Highway
Saturday, February 24 10am – 4pm
Sunday, February 25 12pm – 6pm


The producers of X-WEIGHTED are searching for overweight participants with unique, affecting and inspiring stories to share and explore. Please apply if you fit the following description:

* are between the ages of 18 and 45
* have 30-80lbs you want to lose over 6 months
* willing to commit to a serious diet and exercise program for 6 months
* have the potential to be visibly successful
* have circumstances that are touching, compelling or unusual
* are unafraid to publicly examine the root causes of your weight gain
* already live in Victoria, Toronto, Calgary, or Winnipeg AND have families, friends or colleagues -- willing to support you and be part of our filming have an emotionally meaningful, filmable goal to work towards in six months that will motivate your weight loss (e.g. a special reunion, wow a lost friend, etc)

If you are interested in applying, you MUST complete the downloadable questionnaire and bring a full body, recent photo to our open casting calls. These are listed in the questionnaire.

Read more and get the questionnaire here
Monday, February 12th, 2007
9:48 pm
oh yeah...
do any of you watch the biggest loser?
wow, i watched one last night.
first time i have watched one since their last season, and even then i had only seen maybe 2 or 3.
i balled my eyes out!
what an intense show.
at least for someone that feels they are in the same boat.
im so happy for them.
i wish i could go on a show like that.
i dont know if i could handle wearing the sports bra and tight shorts and getting on a camera in front of millions of people.....BUT...im sure i would just do it.
if someone here does watch it, is it always on on sundays?
id like to see the next one.
9:29 pm
hey, i havent seen anyone post here in awhile,
im just wondering how everyones doing?!
whats everyone been up to these days?
anyone found any good healthy new things to try out?
new yummie things to eat?
tell me how youre doing.
i like to support, and i need support too. haha.
so lets get talking people, lets not let this community sleep already.

ive worked out twice in the last week.
huge deal for me since i NEVER work out.
so im slowly getting myself into that.
the kind of workout?
haha. its amazing. seriously.
what a funny guy.

herbal magic is going ok,
not as well as i would like, almost at 10 pounds gone since i started.
ive been sick a few times. and missed some of my food.
im hoping this working out and feeling better now, will speed things up.
i find that working out, gives me more energy too.

so yeah...thats whats going on with me.

im waiting to hear from you guys/girls. NOW.

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