Liana (kittycat1969ca) wrote in wpg_weightloss,

That was pretty cool......

I went down and tried out for that casting call posted here: X-Weighted
It was one of the cooler things I've done. What was interesting was that while I was having my interview, I was paying attention with half an ear to the other interviews going on around me, and my interviewer said something to me that no one else in with me at the time was told.
She told me not to start any new weight loss regimes or to start working out really hard until I hear from them.
Now, that doesn't necessarily mean anything overly important, but it might - you know what I mean?
And seriously - wouldn't it be cool if one of our own community got on the show??
Go us!
Did anyone else here try for it? How did your interview go??
Gimme the deets.
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